Friday, October 30, 2009

Mi Gusta

An update soon coming about my 4 day stay in IGUAZU FALLS!!!!!

In the meantime 2 more reasons to add to the list of why this place rocks:

1.) "Doing laundry" here means taking your laundry to the laundromat 2 blocks away, give it to a woman who does it for you. 10 pesos per load (ahem $2.6 USD) and you don't have to bring any detergent or anything. You go back in a few hours and it's all folded and dry, ready to go! I really like this translation, "doing laundry", here!

2.)  When you rent a fully furnished flat here, you also get a cleaning lady who comes once a week. When inquiring about not having one come (you know to save money) the rental guy was like well it's not worth it, you won't really be saving anything, maybe 7 pesos per month. Beautiful. Though i do have to wonder how the heck these cleaning ladies survive off that kinda salary...

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