Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pics to Go with the Words Below:


the hood yo (san telmo)!!!

Hit the Ground Running

The roomies arrived on wed am from a 24 hour bus ride from chile (can’t wait for that experience with these 4.5 feet o’legs!), woke my ass up, and immediately started the hunt for places to live. this hunt turned into an entire week of avidly searching and getting thrown into seeing random places. thank god brian and cass speak fluent spanish cuz that helped out loads; meanwhile i was like in my own world cuz i had no idea what was going on! at one viewing this one woman wouldn’t shut up about who knows what and brian looks at me and goes “what’s your fave movie? think about it and get back to me on that one” haha! So needless to say, I want to learn spanish that much more, and i magically have rosetta stone now so that will help loads!! so stoked! so it was a tiring week of hunting and playing the game of frog and dodge the garbage bags getting chucked into the garbage truck as we run through the line of fire racing to be on time to see the next flat in a country where it’s better to be late (hah, i know, we’re smart). but we did land a cool brick spot, with essentially no roof (it’s very luminous), in san telmo -the tango capital. the area has a very homey and bohemian vibe and a gigante sunday market -just blocks away! ooo and a plaza where people just chill. plus!! our landlord happens to be a tango instructor, and renting from her just happens to come with free instructions every monday night!! holla!! except it will be in spanish, so i might be a bit off on the beat as i’ll be looking at the others wondering what the heck she said and what moves comes next! haha! anyways, we get the place on thursday, so we’ll slowly make the hull over. brian is super cool, we've been jokin around lots and going on crazy adventures -he's def becoming my little bro fast! And of course, it’s great to see cassie again (the last time i saw her was before turkey -over a year ago!!).

i’ve been meeting more expats; not sure how i do it. i’ve been invited to loads of things and cassie and brian are like how and where do you meet these people?! this weekend should be fun but i’ll be missing out on hanging out with some new peeps. yet, i think it’s gonna be soooo worth it. joaquin invited the team (me and the joes) to his blueberry farm this weekend for bbq, horseback riding, motorcycling,...soooo freakin stoked!! 

this week has been big for the job hunt....”no i don’t wanna work in a building downtown” (thank you arcade fire). And seeing more of this magical city, and finding a blanket for my bed as my current is pink and satin -sexay kinda. i’ve been to a few volunteer things so far and really hoping to make this dream of working for nonprofits happen. i might be helping out the go-to guy for expats, he works for a volunteer org and the american democrat party that concerns themselves with all the expats and their well being down here *fingers crossed! plus this would actually concern my degree, so mom, dad: i might finally be using my advertising knowledge!

welp! gotta go meet an aussie and then off to meet a fellow canadian! and tomorrow is the big move to san telmo!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Gone Rabbit

So i’ve been eating loads of empanadas (which are essentially a pita/hot pocket), pizza (ohhh the variety of food), ice cream (did i mention it tastes like gelatto?!?!?), and coffee (dude they grow it like around the corner and it's just that amazing) mainly just cuz it’s so dang cheap (k not so much the ice cream), and we’re not settled in quite yet to really cook and all that jazz. However, i decided at lunch today that i’m gonna surpass the craving for the tasty empandas to keep me from getting weighed down with that heavy carb feeling and have a salad. you know: get some veggies in me. not such a good plan! the salad consisted of bits of chicken, pineapple, and apples with the bases of no, not lettuce, but shredded carrots!! oh, and no dressing, though i added olive oil, salt, and vinegar (which i’m not sure that really did anything to the situation)....Think I will stick with the empanadas and hope the tomatoes inside the capresse one i typically get or the onions in the beef one will suffice for my veggie intake for now!

More to come on the haps soon! Just thought i would give ya's somethin to chew on for now...must be all the carrots i had...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Muy Muy Buenos Aires!

ok ok, i know i never came close to keeping up with the turkish blog and i wasn't going to start a new one without finishing it up, but wow! buenos aires! i'll finish the other one soon...ish?! sorry!!

so b-e-a-u-ti-ful buenos aires!! where to start?! it all really began on my 26 hour flight to ba! on my flight from lax to mex city, i was seated next to 2 guys my age. I heard them talking about their connecting flight and it sounded a lot like mine. so i decided to ask and sure enough, they were on my flight to ba hoping to become teachers, have no place to stay, barely know spanish -uhhhh hello -am i talking to a mirror here?!! haha! minus the no place to stay bit only because my amazing mom freaked out last minute and rented me a place for a short bit (thanks mom!)! so we hung out for the rest of the day (super long lay over in mex city) and sure enough, we were seated one seat away from ea other on our trip to argentina! weird?! after spending the day with them, i decided that these guys were chill, super nice, and trustworthy; so i told them they could stay with me. i was arriving on thurs and my 2 friends weren’t going to get in until the following wed, so i had 2 beds to spare! perfecto.

when we arrived in ba, our bags even came out one after the other! now that tops the crazy coincidence cherry on top! oh no wait: they’re best friends named: joe and joey! now i know what it’s like for people to hang out with “the katies”!

we’ve been having so much fun and it’s only monday! we went out with some argentinians on friday -joe knows of this argentine guy through a friend. he had us over for dinner and then took us out to a club. eating late here is weird but then you go dance your ass off all night, so i could very well get used to this lifestyle! haha! saturday night we went to a bar of this guy i know of through a friend (thx willie!). another dancing extravaganza, only not so hard core as the night before! ha!

the 3 of us have become fast friends and an awesome team. as we wander around this beautiful city, where i seriously feel like i’m constantly going through all the cities of europe, we’ve decided that one of us tries to get us lost, another puts us back on track, and the other just spaces out. the roles are constantly changing and somehow we have still managed to make it where ever we were headed each time!

this city is gorgeous; especially with all of the trees aligning every street. there are beautiful buildings adding to the character. stella is brewed here, so huge bottles for stinkin cheap! the people are nice. gelato-esque ice cream on every corner. i mean it’s europe on cheap: all rolled into one and a great price! what more could you want?! and oh the soccer -can't wait to get settled and into it! fastly falling in love? i think so!!!!

man i can't wait for cassie and brian to get here -ya know, the 2 i've been planning on living with! it's gonna be so much fun!