Monday, September 28, 2009

Gone Rabbit

So i’ve been eating loads of empanadas (which are essentially a pita/hot pocket), pizza (ohhh the variety of food), ice cream (did i mention it tastes like gelatto?!?!?), and coffee (dude they grow it like around the corner and it's just that amazing) mainly just cuz it’s so dang cheap (k not so much the ice cream), and we’re not settled in quite yet to really cook and all that jazz. However, i decided at lunch today that i’m gonna surpass the craving for the tasty empandas to keep me from getting weighed down with that heavy carb feeling and have a salad. you know: get some veggies in me. not such a good plan! the salad consisted of bits of chicken, pineapple, and apples with the bases of no, not lettuce, but shredded carrots!! oh, and no dressing, though i added olive oil, salt, and vinegar (which i’m not sure that really did anything to the situation)....Think I will stick with the empanadas and hope the tomatoes inside the capresse one i typically get or the onions in the beef one will suffice for my veggie intake for now!

More to come on the haps soon! Just thought i would give ya's somethin to chew on for now...must be all the carrots i had...

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