Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hit the Ground Running

The roomies arrived on wed am from a 24 hour bus ride from chile (can’t wait for that experience with these 4.5 feet o’legs!), woke my ass up, and immediately started the hunt for places to live. this hunt turned into an entire week of avidly searching and getting thrown into seeing random places. thank god brian and cass speak fluent spanish cuz that helped out loads; meanwhile i was like in my own world cuz i had no idea what was going on! at one viewing this one woman wouldn’t shut up about who knows what and brian looks at me and goes “what’s your fave movie? think about it and get back to me on that one” haha! So needless to say, I want to learn spanish that much more, and i magically have rosetta stone now so that will help loads!! so stoked! so it was a tiring week of hunting and playing the game of frog and dodge the garbage bags getting chucked into the garbage truck as we run through the line of fire racing to be on time to see the next flat in a country where it’s better to be late (hah, i know, we’re smart). but we did land a cool brick spot, with essentially no roof (it’s very luminous), in san telmo -the tango capital. the area has a very homey and bohemian vibe and a gigante sunday market -just blocks away! ooo and a plaza where people just chill. plus!! our landlord happens to be a tango instructor, and renting from her just happens to come with free instructions every monday night!! holla!! except it will be in spanish, so i might be a bit off on the beat as i’ll be looking at the others wondering what the heck she said and what moves comes next! haha! anyways, we get the place on thursday, so we’ll slowly make the hull over. brian is super cool, we've been jokin around lots and going on crazy adventures -he's def becoming my little bro fast! And of course, it’s great to see cassie again (the last time i saw her was before turkey -over a year ago!!).

i’ve been meeting more expats; not sure how i do it. i’ve been invited to loads of things and cassie and brian are like how and where do you meet these people?! this weekend should be fun but i’ll be missing out on hanging out with some new peeps. yet, i think it’s gonna be soooo worth it. joaquin invited the team (me and the joes) to his blueberry farm this weekend for bbq, horseback riding, motorcycling,...soooo freakin stoked!! 

this week has been big for the job hunt....”no i don’t wanna work in a building downtown” (thank you arcade fire). And seeing more of this magical city, and finding a blanket for my bed as my current is pink and satin -sexay kinda. i’ve been to a few volunteer things so far and really hoping to make this dream of working for nonprofits happen. i might be helping out the go-to guy for expats, he works for a volunteer org and the american democrat party that concerns themselves with all the expats and their well being down here *fingers crossed! plus this would actually concern my degree, so mom, dad: i might finally be using my advertising knowledge!

welp! gotta go meet an aussie and then off to meet a fellow canadian! and tomorrow is the big move to san telmo!!

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