Thursday, October 15, 2009

Horse Shoe Up My Butt

Well there must be a horse shoe up my butt or something! this week I've been training people the TEFL methods of how to teach English as a second langauge! lol! I'm laughing because I'm technically underqualified for the job! i only have a TESOL, which is lower than a TEFL, and was barely trained, never mind knowing any methods! so how did it happen? morgan works at a language school in the marketing department and they desperately needed a substitute for the tefl trainer course that started this past Tuesday. they were adamant to start on tuesday (instead of the following week when the trainer would be back) and morgan immediately thought of me! she called me up and i was like you know i don't know the TEFL methods, i only have 1 year experience, i'm in no position to do this -feeling rather uncomfortable about the whole thing, really flattered but uncomfortable to do it. but then she told me they pay and i was like YES! no problem! done! haha! so i'm officially "one of those" -ya know, that person that has that wicked high-paying job that they shouldn't have, and there are plenty of other people well-qualified and should have it over me! but it's only for this week, so i gotta figure out how to get my butt in there, or at least sub once a week each month or somethin!! i'm soo grateful to know morgran! she's super rad and just oozing with help!

found another great reason to love this city:
went out for dinner last night with morgan and her roomie and her friend. we went to this parilla and had to wait to be seated. if you wait to be seated here, for more than like 5 mins, they come around and give you a free glass of champagne/wine/beer!!! so you're standing outside on the sidewalk, drinking a free drink, as you wait! AND, you get free refills!! my friends also told me that you cold potentially swoop in on the free drinks, and then if you're still waiting, you can just leave! just tell the host that it's taking too long and leave! and they won't charge you a cent!! crazy sauce! needless to say, i'm gonna make sure i always go at busy eating times, so i have to wait to be seated! now that's what i call "worth the wait"!

we waited last night though! and it was super good food! can't wait to go back! there was a fight though, that broke out at this restaurant -which was a sausage fest (a true sign of how good the meat is: all men at the restaurant, barely any women, and they still pile in). so i suppose with the lack of women, the men need to prove their masculinity through fighting. one dude busted out a knife. got a bit scary but was stopped within minutes. and we were at a nice place too, like business men there, dimmed lights, weird! this italian guy that came out with us was like this is the point where we dine and ditch (mid-fight), but they place was so full with tables we would have had to climb over them to make it out, causing a scene -needless to say we didn't do it. those italians are smart though! anyways, the 2 sides of the fights went back to their respective tables, one of them with a steak knife in his back pocket as everyone in the place carried on with their meals. it was weird, they weren't asked to leave. though 10 mins later a load of cops came and escorted them out. it was an interesting way of handling things. but i'm glad nobody was injured, esp since one dude had a knife! and loads of men in there, who were ready to fight if necessary! that could have got ugly fast! esp with it being so hard to walk inbetween the tables! not an easy exit! and then they came and gave everyone a free glass of champagne for the disruption! morgan's right: she never gives me a dull time! haha!

anyways, back to the job hunt! can't believe in 2 days it will be a month since i've moved down here! it has gone by insanely fast! i only feel it has been 2 weeks tops!! love this place!!

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